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Batting Cage Pass Sign Up

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Batting Cage Pass Sign Up

Batting Cage Pass Sign Up Form

Batting Cage Passes
The Viking Center was donated a batting cage that is set up at Danny Anderson Park to have some access to activities this year.

Chris Jones is interning at the Viking Center and will be running the scheduling, coaching techniques, punch card, fee handling, equipment sanitizing, and helping hand to toss the ball, or operate the pitching machine.

Sessions will be available to start signing up for one June 8th, with the first available day to use the cage being Monday, June 15th.

To set up a time to use the batting cage, please text or call 712-370-2450.
-Please bring the completed form and payment to your first session.
-After the registration form is completed and turned in a spreadsheet with open dates
and times will be emailed to you.
Forms may be completed via: mail, email, or dropped off at the Viking Center
Mailing Address: 501 Elliott St PO Box 42 Stanton, IA 51573

**Cage can be used for free when you bring your own equipment and thrower.

Facility Hours

    Sun - Sat 5am - 10pm

Facility Contact

    Lauren Bond, Facility Director
    501 Elliott St.
    P.O. Box 42
    Stanton, Iowa 51573
    Phone: (712) 829-2900