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Good Shepherd Preschool

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Good Shepherd Preschool

About the Good Shepherd Preschool

Good Shepherd Christian Preschool is a ministry of Mamrelund Lutheran Church provided as a service and an outreach to the community. In 1989, a community survey was taken in Stanton which indicated 72% of those surveyed saw full time child care as very important.  A group of interested individuals saw the need for a Christian preschool which would provide learning opportunities for young children enabling them to reach their potential.  During the early childhood years attitudes concerning human relationships and social and religious values are formed.  These attitudes include how young children feel about themselves, their worth and value, and their uniqueness as individuals.  We believe that providing for the nurture of preschool children will affect their development as children and their entire future as adults. The preschool was located in the Mamrelund Lutheran church basement for many years and was moved to its present location at the Viking Center during the summer of 2014.

Good Shepherd Christian Preschool uses Creative Curriculum, which includes the total development of a child: social-emotional, cognitive, literacy, language, math, and physical development, along with a generous amount of art and music.  We offer a Christian preschool designed to put the child at ease, to encourage questions, and to allow for freedom of movement while providing a safe place to play, explore and learn.

Facility Hours

    Sun - Sat 5am - 10pm

Facility Contact

    Lauren Bond, Facility Director
    501 Elliott St.
    P.O. Box 42
    Stanton, Iowa 51573
    Phone: (712) 829-2900